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10 Bizarre Body Changes Every Woman Will Eventually Go Through

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8 Unexpected Signs You’re Having a Migraine

The Latest “It” Antioxidant—Astaxanthin—Is a Fountain of Youth

Warning: These Everyday Habits Seriously Up Your Dementia Risk!

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Everything You Need to Know About Psoriasis

Don’t Even Think About Starting a Detox Without Reading This First

15 Women Describe What It’s REALLY Like to Have Celiac Disease

What’s That On Your Hoo-Ha? 5 Vaginal Conditions You Need To Know About

Got a Craving? Here’s What Your Body Actually Wants You to Eat

20 Truths and Lies You’ve Been Told About Counting Calories

7 Hormone-Balancing Foods You Should Eat Every Day

‘I’ve Never Taken A Sick Day—Here’s How I Stay So Healthy’

11 Things that Happen to Your Body If You Stop Eating Red Meat

The 7 Cancers that Are Notoriously Tricky to Detect Early

15 Ways to Beat Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

10 Reasons Unexpected Weight Loss Could Be a Serious Problem

Your Ultimate Health Checklist for the New Year

What’s Really Happening When Your Hands and Feet Fall Asleep

How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

13 Ways You’re Secretly Hurting Your Liver

7 Signs You Shouldn’t Trust the Health Advice You Just Found on the Web

10 Questions You Should Never Be Afraid to Ask Your Doctor

What’s that Rash? How to ID 14 of the Most Common Skin Irritations

Retained Placenta in Pregnancy

7 Ways to Keep Yourself From Binge Thinking

5 Things Your OB-GYN Wants You to Know About Working Out

8 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

How Often You Should Clean Your Sheets (and Basically Everything Else)

10 OTC Medications You’re Using All Wrong

22 Women Share the Powerful Lessons They’ve Learned Through Breast Cancer

8 Things You Do That Might Be Messing Up Your Flu Shot

11 Little Ways to Maintain an Emotional Connection With an Alzheimer’s Patient

BOO! 6 Reasons Getting Scared Is Shockingly Good for Your Health

8 Things You Should Never Put in the Dishwasher

7 Signs You Might Need a Supplement

7 Telling Signs You’re Overeating (and What to Do)

6 Life Coaches Tell You How to Overcome Your Greatest Fears

7 Genius Brain Boosters to Try Before Work

6 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping Naked

7 Conditions You Might Be Mistaking for Fibromyalgia

8 Silent Signs You Might Have a Brain Tumor

Some Need-to-Know Facts About Dairy—Like Whether You Should Ditch It

7 Health Mistakes You Make Every Weekend

The Nutritionist’s Guide to Surviving a Hangover

8 Ways to De-Bloat When You Have Your Period

7 All-Natural Allergy Remedies That Actually Work

12 Things Dermatologists Want You To Know About Skin Cancer

7 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt (Other Than a Cavity)

6 Reasons You Should See Your Dermatologist (And We’re Not Just Talking Skin Cancer)

6 Things to Know About Living With a Cancer Survivor

4 Clean Eating Programs to Try With Your Roommate This Year

6 Ways to Tackle the Hidden Germs in Your Apartment

What You Need to Know About Your Diabetic Roommate

How to Help When Your Roommate is Coping With Anxiety Disorder

3 Essential Steps for Better Bone Health

Best Snacks for Bone Health

10 Habits That’ll Boost Your Mood Before 10 a.m.

The Best (and Worst) Sleep Positions for Your Health

Women’s Chocolate Cravings May Start in the Womb

9 Naturally Detoxifying Foods That Leave You Feeling Amazing

Coughing? Sneezing? Take These Vitamins, Stat

Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP)

Tubal Ligation Surgery (Tubectomy)

Bonding With Your Baby: Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Tips

Gym Workouts That Get the Green Light During Pregnancy

Top 12 Pregnancy Health News Stories of 2013

Get Fit With NUX Active Wear

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